Envirya beginning

KLB Group was founded in 1996 by Flavien Kulawik and Jean-Marc Le Breton. At the time, companies had to cut costs in light of the ensuing recession that had been impacting the Economy since 1993. The two founders discovered that there were no consulting services offered on the market to help companies reduce their purchasing expenditure.

In 2009 KLB Group established in the UK with the same principles to help companies reduce their costs through reduction in energy utilisation by developing engineering solutions for the manufacturing sector.

Today KLB group has grown internationally offering an extensive range of services. With the same vision and dedicated service in the UK, Envirya, led by Animesh Ghosh, continues the commitment to deliver turnkey energy saving solutions.

Building on KLB’s 10 years’ experience in the UK, Envirya continues to ensure clients receive the highest levels of energy management expertise and focused project management in the private and public sectors across all industry sectors.