As part of our feasibility study, we take a pragmatic and realistic outlook on viable project savings in line with industry norms and global market demands.  Our initial commercial evaluation encompassed with the feasibility study, provides a realistic CapEx outlay and payback duration against achievable savings.

Our primary objective is to ensure project solutions are aligned with the company’s business goals, financial investments and expected returns.  We provide an insight into both absolute energy saving and relative KPIs (e.g. production volume, heating degree days, operating hours, or industry specific parameters).

We demonstrate the financial savings for implementable projects, incorporating equipment installation, maintenance and associated OpEx costs as part of our net saving calculation.  We evaluate the impact with all associated utilities thus providing a true energy and carbon reduction outlook and a realistic return on investment to deliver a viable business case proposal.

For viable projects, discuss with us to calculate your net commercial saving and project payback.

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