Successful energy management, carbon reduction and cost minimisation is established from a good understanding of primary site energy consumers and the drivers associated with the consumption; “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” [Lord Kelvin].

An effective submetering strategy and data analysis is an extremely useful tool in gaining a true understanding of energy consumption. Whether starting from scratch or extrapolating data from an existing metering system, we assist in visually representing the information and energy profiling thus allowing us to optimise site performance and reduce consumption.

Where a sub-metering system is required, a structured survey is firstly conducted to identify the most cost-effective metering solution. As part of our energy mapping strategy, we can initially monitor energy consumption through strategically placed data loggers to ensure that client’s bespoke requirements are achieved.

Using the accumulated data and our online remote monitoring platform, our engineers analyse site consumption and apply AI parameters in order to evaluate the key energy users and drivers thus identifying potential energy saving and carbon reduction projects.  We also use the metering data to undertake carbon accounting and offsetting for PAS 2060 carbon neutrality.

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